lørdag 16. juli 2011

Faces of the forest

I do a lot of photography in the forest. The forest is MY favorite place, and it´s very special to me. Almost magic. It keeps so many secrets and unveils so many surprises... every time I am there. It is the only place I know where I can seek complete peace-of-mind one day, to find it exploding in action the next. It is the perfect home for extremely many species, many of them unfortunately found on various Red-Lists.

I bet very few of you know/remember the fact that 2011 is the international year of the forest. To honor this I will use this blog to present MY forest and the life within. Enjoy :)

PS1: The "species" does not include the empty cans, bags, broken glass and toilet paper YOU leave behind in nature. Please don´t leave them behind.  

PS2: Why is this blog suddenly written in English? Well... It turns out that I have english speaking friends actually checking in here from time to time, encouraging me to do it in English. So there you go.... :)

PS3: You should view this full size :)

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